OverhaulCome on over to MAG Payless auto repair center when you need an auto mechanic team to overhaul your vehicle. We service the Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit area with a fully equipped team of dedicated industry experts just waiting to help you and your family. An overhaul is a big step, making it all the more important to have the right team of qualified crew members backing you up. MAG Payless is the team for you.

After years of wear and tear, your vehicle’s engine and transmission system don’t function quite the same as they used to. This might be a good time for an overhaul. An overhaul refers to an inspection, diagnosis, and rebuild of your vehicle’s engine and transmissions systems. Overhauls can breathe a breath of new life into your vehicle – suddenly it drives like new again. However, an overhaul is a major undertaking, and some shops don’t take these jobs, but at MAG Payless, we say yes! Whether you have an American, Asian, or European vehicle, MAG Payless can handle the overhaul.

We search high and low for the best and most qualified auto mechanics in Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit. Evaluating each individual based on their unique skills, background, and life experience. It makes MAG Payless auto repair special to Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit and provides a value our community knows us for. We ask our crew to bring us new technology ideas and news, and when they do, we go out of our way to bring that technology into our bays. Combining all of these factors makes us the go-to shop for vehicle overhauls in Blue Springs and Lee’s Summit. Beyond that, we offer discounts, coupons, and free inspections, and we have NAPA’s 2-year 24,000-mile warranty backing our work. Overhauls can be a big job, and we offer financing options via Synchrony AutoPay to give our customers all the options we can.

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